Side Hinged Garage Doors

side hinged garage doores.png

Side Hinged garage doors are the traditional option.  they offer the best solution to a garage which is being used for storage, a gym, office or to store a vintage vehicle or caravan - somewhere with lots of foot traffic rather than somewhere to keep your everyday car secure.  People often think of traditional hinged garage doors being constructed of wood, and whilst this is often the case, they can be manufactured using a variety of materials including steel, timber and GRP.  They can be standard sizes,

bespoke; single skin or insulated.  Contact John Glen Garage Doors in Swansea today to discuss your options.

Mechanism Explained

Side hinged doors are fixed to the wall of your garage using a steel or aluminium box section sub frame.  These are idea for everyday use for obvious reasons.


Side hinged doors open outwards and are manufactured as standard with equal sized leaves.


Normally the right hand leaf leading opens first.  As an optional extra doors are available 1/3 - 2/3 leaf configurations with right or left hand leading.