Sectional Garage Doors

sectional garage doors.jpg

Ideal for shorter driveways


Sectional garage doors are made of separate panel sections which are locked together by specialist hinged joints. This allows the door to operate vertically with no part of the door swinging outward, this allows the door to open even when a car is pulled right up to it – ideal for shorter driveways.

Versatile for every opening

As a sectional door is usually fitted behind the opening, and as the door travels within its own track system, without any outward swing, it is far more versatile. The door works equally well in arched openings or in the presence of overhanging timbers or architraves as it does in standard openings. There are minimal restrictions on height within the garage and on the clear opening created for your vehicle. Sectional garage doors are therefore ideal for low openings or large vehicles.

Unrivalled insulation

The 40mm thick door sections are insulated with polyurethane foam, no other garage door type offers such a thick and strong door. If you have an integrated garage a great deal of the heat within your home can be lost through the garage. Having a properly insulated door can provide a surprising amount of additional warmth and is particularly recommended if there are rooms above the garage.

Strong and secure

A secondary benefit of the thick insulated panel sections is far greater strength. This allows sectional doors to be made larger and to maintain far greater wind resistance than single skin up and over or roller garage doors.

Create your own style

Sectional doors also offer a great range of style options and allow greater design customisation than a roller garage door. Georgian panel designs and a range of small, medium and large ribbed panels can be finished in either smooth or woodgrain textured panel skins. A great range of colours are also available as are wood effect finishes to match doors and windows.

Smooth and quiet

Finally because the panels are hinged individually and travel in a curved track the operation of a sectional garage door is far smoother and quieter than up and over or retractable doors. There is therefore less stress placed on fixings and balancing springs and this significantly increases the lifespan of the door. A sectional garage door is a great investment for the future and is the least likely of all garage door types to fail. This smooth easy opening and closing motion also makes the doors ideally suited to automation but will also mean the door is easily and comfortably operable as a manual door.