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Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors roll up vertically into a small, compact coil at the top. The door is then hidden inside a steel powder coated box, a nice neat solution. The doors are double skinned and offer some insulation although if keeping the warmth inside the property is a deciding factor we would suggest you consider our range of Sectional Doors

One way to guarantee a good quality roller garage door is to use a reliable manufacturer, such as Garador. Garador supply the highest quality garage doors, including roller shutter garage doors like the GaraRoll. The GaraRoll is made of smooth aluminium and offers a sleek action and is automated as standard with two easy to use hand transmitters. It creates minimal noise and is thermally insulated to protect your belongings from any drastic temperature damage and help make your home energy efficient.

Other benefits of the roller garage door include:

•    They’re ideal for those who want to use their garages for storage space. The roller garage door takes the minimum amount of space as it opens vertically, whereas a standard up-and-over or sectional door opens differently, blocking areas from being used for storage.
•    You can park your car as close to the garage door as possible for the same reason. Again, with other styles you would have to leave a considerable gap between the car and the door.
•    It’s the most diverse of garage doors as it can be used on various shaped and sized garages (even on archways) to give you the right width and height you desire.
•    They offer excellent security so you can have peace of mind that all your belongings are safe.
•    They’re also easy to operate, and can be opened and closed at the push of a button if automated.

With so many different benefits, it’s worth asking yourself what you’d like out of your garage door before you go ahead and get one installed. For instance; how do you want to be able to operate the door, what would you like the door to do and what will you be keeping in your garage? Once you’ve considered all areas you can make your final decision.

The experts at Doorfit are on hand to offer advice regarding the roller garage door most suited to your needs. We have a very close working relationship with Garador, allowing us to offer models from this leading manufacturer, and we’ll take care of all installation and repairs.

Get in touch with the team at garage doors uk today to find out more, or to arrange a free site survey to determine your needs.