Garage doors uk has been installing garage doors for many years. We have our own teams of trained installers, many of whom have been with us almost since the beginning. Our installers are regularly sent on training courses with the major manufacturers as well as our own in-house sessions on updates on key products, especially where safety controls are concerned. We have several in-house training areas with full size working doors and electric operators for ongoing training as well as our own testing. Being centrally located in the west midlands, in Walsall is a great advantage for us and perfect for access to all the major road networks in all directions. We have regular delivery runs on specialised vehicles for most of our supply only sales.


We install most of our doors but some products may have specialist assistance from manufacturers where complex electronics or specialist one off mechanisms are involved. We also engage the services of ‘partner’ installers in more remote parts of the UK in order to offer the best and most cost effective service with fast and reliable backup if required. Some parts of the UK are simply very difficult and far away for all services and delivery companies and better served from local specialists. We coordinate and work with over 30 partners through the UK, many of whom have been in business as long as we have.


Safety First

The regulations in the UK are stringent for electric garage doors, gates and other doors operated by remote control and unfortunately there are still many products on the UK market which do not comply with the basic regulations and are genuinely dangerous. All our doors and gates which are electrically operated will have safety sensors as standard with enhancements in certain situations where extra safety may be required. Manually operated doors also have to have anti fall back devices in cases of spring or cable failure and again this is a requirement and not an option.

As doors get larger and larger and customers demands get higher the importance of safety in so many of the doors cannot be underestimated.


All our work is fully guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months with extended periods for many products, and with many warranty periods up to 10 years you can rest assured all the products we sell are of the very highest quality and will give you trouble free operation.


Although so many of our doors are engineered to the highest levels, any door which is of a reasonable size or is operated more than average will inevitably require maintenance. Like your own vehicle a garage door can have many moving parts and the larger the door is the more stresses can be exerted on key components. Combined with possible movement in older buildings it is imperative that electric garage doors are serviced and maintained to ensure the safety devices are working at their very best. We offer regular maintenance for all our customers and serving and repairs on all types of garage doors, whatever the make or model.