Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a new garage door fitted?

Most standard doors are on a 3-4 week turnaround,some doors can take 6-7 weeks. We aim to install your garage door within 1 week of the door arriving.

What time do you open?

Our office hours are 8:30am-5:30pm monday-friday. We operate live chat on weekends and also offer a 24 hour emergency/breakdown service.

What area's do you cover?

At the moment we cover a 60 mile radius from the postcode WS29AF . In the coming months we are hoping to be covering the whole of mainland uk.

If you install a new door for me, will you take the old one away?

Yes, if we are installing a new system then we will remove all the left over materials and debris including the old door and frame. (Although we may request a small charge regarding landfil costs,if required).

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes,we do just call a member of our team today and we'll quote you on your new garage door.completely free with no obligation.

One of the sections of my door is damaged, do i have to replace the whole door?

No,it is possible to replace just one or multiple sections of the door.

How long does a site survey take?

This can vary depending on what type of door you are interested in. On average, a site survey will take around 15-30 minutes.

What happens after i order?

Our installation manager will arrange a convenient time and day for our installations team to visit your home and install your new garage door.

How do i look after my door?

We recomend you clean and spray all moving parts with a silicon based lubricant atleast every four months, for the best performance and longevity. We also offer a service pack if required for our customers.

Can i get extra remotes for my automated garage door?

Yes, we usually have these instock,but if not we can order you one.

What happens if there is a powercut and my door won't open?

All of our automatic doorshave a manual overide, so that you can open your door if there is a powercut. We can also supply a battery backup which will open the door even in a powercut.